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Dora Deck OUT NOW!!

We are very excited to announce the release of our new Rogue board – Dóra Horváth’s signature deck. She has been doing us proud for quite sometime now – most recently going down a storm as a coach on the Rubicon Girls Camp.

There are a range of sizes available: 7.5, 7.75, 8, 8.125, 8.25 and 8.5″ – boards are 100% Canadian Maple, medium concave and pressed in the UK.

For the first time we also have MINI DECKS in stock (approximately 7.3″ width x 19″ length)

Go to the SHOP page to get your hands on one!

Keep Thrashin’

‘Keep Thrashin’ – Decade of Skate’ is an article by Hannah Bailey of Neon Stash for Coven Magazine – featuring Lucy Adams, Mimi Knoop, Cara-Beth Burnside and Rogue’s Jenna Selby.

Chatting about skating back in the day up until now and what they’ve been involved in to help promote female skating through the years.

To read the full article online click HERE – or pick up a hardcopy of the mag from your nearest stockist!

Pictures left – photo c. Max Hamilton, bottom right photo Lucie Parker

Revolution Girls Jam

We will be supporting Revolution Skateparks first Girls Jam on Sunday 7th September between 12pm – 4pm.

Revolution is an indoor skate park located in Broadstairs, Kent, built over two warehouses, there’s a big street course, separate ramp room, a bowl, a midi ramp & a mini bowl.

Contact Revolution Skatepark on 0183 866707 or for more info. Entry £10.

Girl Skate Jam UK

The Girl Skate Jam UK write up is up on the Sidewalk website. Click HERE to have a read and nose at the pictures from the day.

Exist Girls Jam Results

Jono Atkinson, rad dad to 6 year old, very keen, skateboarding daughter, Ione organised Swansea’s first ever girls comp at Exist Skatepark last weekend and what a smasher!

The Rogue team made their way over to the comp with Dora and Emily flying down from Scotland especially for it. There were 10+ groms flying all over the place when the team arrived, a great sight to see. Girls as young as 5 were dropping in the quarter and throwing themselves down the hugely steep (and highly terrifying) flatbank. Others on seeing what their counterparts were doing also got inspired to give new things a go.

The first few hours were spent just rolling the park and jamming together. By early evening it was time to kick off the comp and after a few technical difficulties (where would an event be without them?!?) with the music, the groms section got underway. The young’uns impressed all with their no-nonsense style, dropping quarters twice their size and rolling over steep banks. There were quite a few skater dads in attendance cheering on, obviously proud (and also secretly happy they now have a good excuse to still go to the skate park!).

Next up was the women’s comp. Georgie, who’s nerves usually get the better of her in competitions was stomping down tricks all over the place with flips over the driveway and hip, a backside flip on the exceptionally steep bank and a 50-50 on the large hubba. But it was teammate Dora who took the title with her trademark tre flip and 360 shuvs over the driveway, a boardslide on the rail and a 50-50 180-out down the hubba. Fran Stroud took 3rd also landing a boardslide on the rail and a flip over the driveway.

There were huge smiles all over the place as everyone was obviously enjoying themselves immensely – the women’s comp was supposed to be 10 minutes but kept on going until the girls were knacked – they just didn’t want to stop.

The final comp of the day was labelled ‘best trick on the mini’. And who better to take the title than Emily Russell. A few smith grinds here and there and a frontside tail were her warm up tricks. She opted for something more technical in order to win the mini comp. A blunt to tail. The first few tries were close but just didn’t hold but with much encouragement from the crowd, she landed it and was awarded a new deck for her efforts.

Quite possibly the best quote of the comp came from one young 6 year old rider who on watching the ‘big girls’ skate declared that she wanted to be just like them when she grew up because they were ‘Awesome!’

Great job and big thanks to the guys at Exist!

Ladies Comp:

1st Dora Horvath
2nd Georgina Winter
3rd Fran Stroud


1st Emily Holt aged (7)
2nd Ione Atkinson aged (6)
3rd Lilly Thomson aged (9)

Miniramp best trick:

Emily Russell with a blunt to tail